Top Cat Food Brands

Top Cat Food Brands

There are countless brands of cat food that offer optimal nutrition to our pet so that it is healthy and happy throughout its life. In ABC we have a very extensive catalog of brands of cat food and wet food so you can be able to choose your need at affordable prices for all budgets. In addition, many of these brands have unique formulas for sensitive cats, sterilized, with allergies, skin problems, etc.

Choose the brand of your choice; you should always opt for a recipe that suits the specific nutritional needs of your cat. This means that, in addition to taking into account some diseases, we must choose a cat food suitable for each stage of their life, differentiating between kittens, young cats and older cats.

Know the characteristics of the best brands of cat food So that you can know a little more about the different brands of feed and wet cat food, we will do a short review of the best known.

Royal Canin

One of the brands of cat food pioneer in the sector of pet food and reference for decades. It has feed for sensitive cats, with digestive problems, light, special hairballs, sterilized and many more options that adapt to the individual needs of each feline.

With their special formulas, they help you to prevent the appearance of different diseases and ailments or, in case of suffering them, to fight them to improve the quality of life of your cat. In addition, Royal Canin has a wide variety of both feed and wet food of different textures and flavors to satisfy the palate of your best friend.


Hill’s is one of the brands of cat food that best covers different needs thanks to its wide variety of products. They are high-end feed that offers different recipes adapted for each feline. From sterilized cat food to gluten-free recipes or cereals for allergic cats or with difficult digestions. It also has special formulas to reduce tartar or hairballs. In addition, its range Hill’s Prescription Diet is indicated to improve the health of cats with kidney disease, urinary, heart failure or other ailments.


Another of the best-known cat food brands is Affinity, which has different ranges of feed such as Advance, Ultima, Brekkies and Libra. In addition, they have a wide variety of specific feeds such as feed for sterilized cats or the control of hairballs.

Advance and Ultima are the high ranges. The base of its formula includes proteins of animal origin, coming from the meat like first ingredient, and high levels of vitamins and minerals for a state of optimum health. In addition, it also incorporates omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and hair.

Brekkies and Libra is the economic range. Their feed offers a complete and nutritious diet, rich in proteins and vitamins. They have different recipes with meat, fish and vegetables, which have an attractive smell and taste for cats.

Natural cat food brands: Acana, Orijen and Taste of the Wild

100% natural feed, made with fresh ingredients and of the highest quality to offer the best to your feline. They are characterized by incorporating very high percentages of meat (up to 75%) combined with a large number of fruits, vegetables and legumes very beneficial to health.
Their formulas seek a diet similar to what cats would have in the wild: very rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. In addition, they exclude cereals and gluten to increase acceptance and avoid digestive problems or food intolerances.