Top Vacuums for cat Hair

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner for your cat hair? Suppose Chewbacca lives in our home. Well, we’ve put that name on it but it’s not a two-meter animal, it’s a cute kitten (I’ve always wanted to have a cat named Chewbacca and a not-so-big dog named Incredible Hulk). Well, it is clear that the equation of cleaning with a mascot tenant in our home changes substantially, at least in what refers to the capillary substance that they give off hairs.

There are hundreds and hundreds of accessories such as brushes, special mittens, and some people use duct tape as a home remedy … but no doubt a specialized vacuum for pets in this type of waste is the attractive option by a landslide.

Pet vacuum cleaner by H.Koenig SLC85

The H.Koenig SLC85 is a special vacuum for pets that will solve you once and for all the hair problems of your beloved dog, cat, ferret, hamster, lion, leopard, cheetah, tiger flare, albino tiger, polar bear, any feline or furry animal including grandpa.

The best of this vacuum cleaner falls into its accessories:

  • Turbo nozzle to vacuum all the hairs that you find in your home, in sofas, armchairs and even in the car itself.
  • Special brush for your cat with which you can brush the fur and remove excess hair leaving your pet perfect to go and catch the stick until it gets tired (never tires, careful).
  • The perfect brush of all life with two positions, one for carpets and one for hard floors.
  • Besides being cyclonic, wait, what am I saying, I meant multi-cyclonic is a vacuum for domestic animals silent since its maximum decibels of noise reaches 75 dB.

This vacuum cleaner is a brown beast. Apart from serving for the day to day cleaning of the house is designed to effectively collect all the hair left by your pet and also to leave her as the jets of gold.

For its value for money and the good comments it has is the recommended pet vacuum cleaner that we leave as the first option you have to assess.

Vacuum cleaner for cat hair AEG

The AEG Aptica Animal Care take care of your home, of your pets, of yourself … it is not a vacuum cleaner, it is a guardian angel!

Those who own pets at home, thanks to the vacuum cleaner Animal Care without multicultural bag x9 cyclones, will have a special mini pet turbo brush ideal for cleaning sofas, upholstery and carpets. We will collect in a flash the hair of our pets whether they are long or short hair.

It also comes with a DustPro brush with double position, hard floors and carpets. Mini Turbo brush to make easier the cleaning of sofas, upholstery,and carpets; brush for hard floors that ensure the best result for cleaning hard surfaces such as tiles and parquet.

As a final colophon, this model comes with several accessories for all surfaces: a nozzle for narrow spaces, brush for upholstery and brush for furniture.

Vacuum cleaner for dogs or cats Dyson Animal

Do not you think that with this appellation, “animal”, this range sounds powerful? Well, yes, the Dyson dc-52 Total Animal is.

Dyson, which is the all-powerful brand of vacuum cleaners, has two models of bagless vacuum cleaners for dogs. I highlight the DC52 precisely because it is the one that has the most opinions and evaluations.

This wonder vacuum for pets is designed exclusively to catch tons and tons of fur. You can use it even for hair that sticks to your clothes, but you can always use other tricks Open in a new window.

Its cyclone-root technology uses centrifugal forces of up to 150,000 times the force of gravity, which translates into an absorption capacity that is only comparable to Galactus devouring planets.

It also has a motorized brush bar that rotates up to 90 times per second, a ball technology that allows us to reach without difficulty in confined spaces, a removable rod and washable HEPA filter.

Polti Forzaspira C110

Although the C110 Open in a new window is not explicitly sold for animals, I insist on this machine because it is one of the most recommended today. If you are looking for something delicious, with a power that most would like Son Goku as a super warrior, this is your vacuum without a doubt; and best of all: very cheap.

It also comes with two of the best accessories valued by users:

– Brush Parquet with bristles and soft wheels for parquet and delicate surfaces.

– a 2-in-1 accessory that combines the suction lance, to vacuum hard-to-reach corners such as skirting boards, sofas, armchairs, upholstery, car seats; and a practical brush to effectively remove dirt from joints, cracks and corners.

Surely some of these devices have answered the question, what vacuum cleaner to buy to vacuum my pet’s hair? Still, I pass an interesting article detailing how to clean a dog hair house Open in a new window, valid for any animal with hair.